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L4D2-CEVO сервера

Открыты CEVO-сервера по Left 4 Dead 2.

Адреса турнирных серверов Left4Dead 2
  1. l4d2.leftfordead.cc:27021
  2. l4d2.leftfordead.cc:27022
  3. l4d2.leftfordead.cc:27023
  4. l4d2.leftfordead.cc:27018
На все эти серверы установлен турнирный плагин ReadyUp и конфиг CEVO. Его особенностями является запрет на дефибриляторы и дополнительные аптечки, регулярное появление Танка и многое другое.

Как играть на этих серверах?

Вариант первый (для паблик игры):
В лобби игры владелец в консоли прописывает ключ поиска sv_search_key letsplay1, после чего запускает поиск сервера

Вариант второй
(для соревнования):
В консоли наберите connect l4d2.leftfordead.cc:27021

Полный список изменений конфига CEVO:

****** 12/24/2009 ********

* Updated l4dready to 0.17.2
* Updated Left4Downtown Extension to 0.4.4

****** 12/13/2009 ********

* Fixes newest L4D2 patch breaking mods
* Updated l4dready to 0.17.1
* Updated Left4Downtown Extension to 0.4.1

****** 12/12/2009 ********

* Config files updated for L4D2
  - Vanilla gameplay

* Updated l4dready to 0.17.0
  - feature: Added support L4D2 and the new Scavenge mode.
  - feature: Readying up in scavenge starts a "warm up" mode instead of freezing players.
  - command: !pause - use your team's pause and instantly pause the game up to a default of 90 seconds
  - command: !unpause - unpause the game if your team paused it, or if the opposite team's 90 seconds expired
  - cvar: l4d_ready_pause_allowed - (default 2) allows each time to pause that many times per map, 0 = unlimited pauses
  - cvar: l4d_ready_pause_duration - (default 90) the minimum required time of the pause, before either team can unpause
  - cvar: l4d_ready_cfg_name - allows cfg creators to display an indication of what config and version the server is running

* Updated Left4Downtown Extension to 0.4.0
  - Now can have more than 8 players for L4D2.
  - Windows servers now report correct maxplayers to the server browser.

****** 06/25/2009 ********

* Updated Left4Downtown Extension to
  - The 6/25/2009 L4D update introduced a conflict with <0.3.0 of the extension
  - 0.3.1 resolves this conflict, the Ready-Up mod now works again

****** 06/14/2009 ********

* SourceMod 1.2.1 stable or later is now required
  - A rare bug when rounds were restarting before the match was going live is now fixed
  - This bug was actually a SourceMod bug in 1.2.0 due to memory corruption

* Minor tweaks to config files
  - Added sv_cheats 0 to cevo.cfg
  - Added sv_pure_kick_clients 1 to cevo_map.cfg
  - Removed mp_autokick 1 from cevo_map.cfg

* Updated l4dscores.smx to 1.1.0
  - command: sm_swapto - swap players to a specific team
  - command: sm_swapmenu - bring up a menu to swap players to opposite team
  - command: sm_scores - bring up the team round/campaign scores in a menu display
  - bugfix: campaign scores will reset properly (i.e. on a manual changelevel), score should no longer carry over from previous campaigns
  - bugfix: clients will no longer be infinitely moved back to spectate when their automatic team placement fails
  - bugfix: support teams larger than 4 by checking the survivor_limit and z_max_player_zombies cvars
  - bugfix: when round is restarted using l4dready plugin, the team score will no longer reset (l4dready 0.16.2 or later necessary)

* Updated l4dready.smx to 0.16.2
  - bugfix: sm_restartround will no longer break the team scores when used in conjunction with l4dscores 1.1.0 or later
  - bugfix: tanks/witches will no longer spawn during ready mode after the saferoom door opens after the 60 second delay
  0.16.1 changes
  - bugfix: Spectate command when already in spectate mode will attempt to cycle the person to spectate again.
  - bugfix: sm_restartround command was broken in 0.16.0, fixed to work again.
  - bugfix: Removed the ConVarRef doesn't point to an existing ConVar errors when changing the cvar values.

****** 04/28/2009 ********

First release of CEVO configuration.
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